My choice of subject comes from a place of instinct, intuition and curiosity. I am interested in learning from my subjects. I enjoy taking photographs that capture candid moments in a way that shows context and a narrative. My grass roots approach sometimes evokes realism within the subject. I seek to open an unexplored world and interact with people and subjects I would not normally engage with, bringing their stories to light and preserving a moment in time. I work intimately with my subjects, drawing out the uniqueness in them. Recently I have focused on Landscapes and evocative scenery creating a narrative behind what is happening in our old growth forests and deforestation. I enjoy producing photographs that tell a story and give a voice to the subjects. My passion in photography came from a place where by I like to explore a shift in the way people think about different social issues or to help educate myself to understand how I can contribute to the world around me, effecting change. My areas of expertise include; Documentary, Portrait and Editorial styles of Photography.